Island Lake Consulting LLC

Our mission

Island Lake Consulting LLC is a computer software development company dedicated to maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the WinBatch® scripting language and tools. Our focus is giving back to the WinBatch community that has creatively used WinBatch to solve problems and automate tasks. Our reward is engaging in something we enjoy and the knowledge that we are providing a service to the WinBatch community.

We are a new company with a new mission so some things inevitably changed. But one thing has not changed. Quality software is still the goal.

Here are a few changes we have made:

  • We do not offer maintenance plans. All purchases come with one year of free updates. However, product costs are significantly less than the cost of the discontinued one year WinBatch+Compiler maintenance plan renewal.
  • WinBatch without the compiler is only offered as a 21-day free trial. It is no longer available for seperate purchase. Instead you can purchase WinBatch+Compiler at a cost significantly less than the cost of WinBatch without the compiler.
  • Of course, WebBatch is still supported. A WebBatch license can be purchased separately or obtained as a free add-on with the purchase of WinBatch+Compiler.
  • We made changes and updates to the website but much of the old content is still present.
  • Howie retired to the Wilson family home so we recruited a new bird.
  • The WinBatch help system now has a Web-based version too.

Here are a few changes we would like to make:

  • Reorganize and update the Tech Database. Also improve its search capabilities.
  • Create a GitHub repositories for WinBatch script libraries and an updated extender SDK.
  • Add a WinBatch Compiler options to create command line filter executables for use with command line interfaces.
  • Port all products to ARM-powered devices.

A special thanks to the Wilson family for their support

The WinBatch Team